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Celebrating summer’s last hurrah

unnamed-379You can almost feel it in the air, can’t you? Summer is winding down.

At our house, we’ve already done the back-to-school shopping to restock supplies and buy new shoes for my son’s feet that seem to grow overnight.

This weekend we’re on our last family excursion of the summer, enjoying nature’s beauty at lovely Lake Wenatchee in central Washington State. We’ll be kayaking, barbequing and late-night stargazing on the beach. Pure Heaven.

But all too soon we’ll transition into fall: cozy sweaters, falling leaves … and pumpkin spice everything!

This year as we head into the cooler months, let’s give some thought to how we can savor our favorite fall treats (dear Lord, Halloween’s coming!) in a healthier way. To that end, don’t miss my blog “One Nation, Overfed” (below). It’s a call to action for us as a society, but also personally. Societal change comes from personal decision-making and our actions can have a huge impact.

So this weekend, while I’m early-morning paddle-boarding, I’ll be thinking up healthier ways to enjoy my fall favorites. If you’ve got a healthy fall recipe you’re willing to share, drop me a line. We’re in this together!

Have a happy, healthy week!



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