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Alphabet Soup

I’m covering each letter of the alphabet this month, assigning every day a letter and a corresponding healthy eating tip or fitness trick with what I call “The ABCs of Weight Loss.”

We picked up at “E” this week and covered a lot of ground.

Some of my favorite subjects are those big issues that impact healthy eating and fitness, but reach into all areas of our lives. A Seattle Times article about how head football coach Pete Carroll seeks to instill “grit” in his players inspired me to write about how I tapped into my own “grittiness” and how I’ve used that to my advantage in my quest to live a vigorous, healthy life.

And speaking of inspiration, I’m always fascinated to hear what inspires people. Is it a person who overcame adversity? Is it someone’s accomplishment? Maybe it’s their can-do attitude in the face of circumstances that seem to say, “no, you can’t.”

Getting at the heart of these issues is at least as important as discovering a new recipe or the trying the latest exercise craze.

Speaking of new recipes, I’ve been digging through my yard waste bin lately, harvesting ingredients for a new green juice drink! (I’m kidding.) Actually, the one I came up with is delicious, and it can be made in either a blender by prepping the fruits and veggies yourself, or in a juicer. Either way you’ll enjoy a refreshing and nutritious green drink that will fill you up, body and soul.

Next week’s letters are “K” through “P” and not to give too much away in advance, but check out my new Pinterest board “Give ‘em PUMPKIN to talk about.”

Have a happy, healthy week!

– Marilyn

New this week

E is for Edamame F is for Frozen Foods
G is for Grit H is for HIIT
I is for Inspiration J is for Juice
Recipe: (Drink Your) Greens Juice
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