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A Daily Commitment

This is #3 of the “top 10 lessons that becoming an athlete have taught me about weight loss” that appeared in the “Building Sweat Equity” blog.

“You don’t get fit once and then expect to be fit for the rest of your life; you must do it over and over, every day.”

This principle comes out of my frustration with the expression we see incessantly on the cover of magazines and mainstream diet books:

“Lose the weight for good!”

Just like with fitness, weight loss isn’t something you do once – as if it’s something on your “to-do list” that you can check off and never think about again.

We expect to have to workout every day to maintain fitness and good health. Similarly, weight loss is a commitment that must be renewed daily.

The way you make good on that commitment is by planning out your meals and snacks in advance, shopping for healthy food, preparing nutritious food that reflects your values to eat healthy, and having strategies in place to avoid the myriad temptations that come at you from all directions.

It’s not easy, and like you I come up short sometimes. But we keep trying every day, because that’s how it works.

C’mon, we got this!

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