Find your adventurous spirit zip-lining!


My long-suffering husband lives in fear of our wedding anniversary; hopefully not because he has any regrets, but because I use it as an opportunity enlist him in all kinds of adventures. It’s become our tradition now to try out a new exploit each year to mark the occasion. Earlier this month we celebrated 28 [...]

Stop yo-yo dieting forever

Blue yo-yo sitting on scales on blue background

What goes up doesn’t necessarily come down. Especially when it’s your weight. Over the course of my adult life mine mostly just went up. Looking back at things now I see that I started gaining weight pretty much the moment the ink was dry on my marriage license. I was pregnant by my first anniversary [...]

What’s the rush?

Woman swinging in hammock

“I want to lose 20 pounds before my high school reunion.” “I have to lose weight before my wedding.” “I’m doing a ‘Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days!’ challenge.” If you’ve ever succumbed to any of these weight loss strategies (and who hasn’t) It’s not going to work. There’s nothing wrong with having a sense [...]