The ABCs of Weight Loss


The ABCs of weight loss must start with the letter Among my favorite “A’s” would have to be avocados. Did you know, avocados are a fruit? Yep, and there are lots of compelling reasons to eat them, both for weight loss and overall health. Best ways to eat avocados? Beyond guacamole, here are 5 ideas: [...]

The Average Human Head Weighs 10.2 Pounds


All week we’ve been talking about measuring weight loss, but I really think it’s best not to lose your head about these things. (At this point my children groan at my humor, roll their eyes and beg me to stop.) Short of sacrificing any necessary body parts, weight loss is a tricky thing. You can [...]

Warm Caprese Salad


I feel like I’m reciting the words from Green Eggs & Ham when I’m talking about Caprese Salad. I would eat it on a plane; I would eat it on a train I would eat it in a car; I would travel near and far Whether you like it warm, cold, in a boat or [...]