Take a Ride on the Virtuous Cycle


No, not that kind of cycle! The “virtuous cycle” is a pattern of behavior – just as is the “vicious cycle.” And just like the vicious cycle, the virtuous cycle is self-reinforcing. That is, the more you do it the more it becomes engrained. Over time, the effort required to sustain it lessens because the [...]

The Power of the Vicious Cycle and How to Break Free


You come home from work physically exhausted, emotionally drained. Your first instinct is to throw open the fridge, grab something and start eating. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know how destructive this habit is, but in the moment you don’t care. You’re eating … eating … eating. When you finally step away [...]

Try-It Tuesday: Lower Body Strength Training Workout


As much as I’d love to have the long, lean legs of a dancer, my body’s just not designed that way. My legs bulk up when I work ‘em hard. I’m in the middle of cycling season right now and by season’s end I’ll wind up looking more like Helga from the East German Cycling [...]

Trapped in the Vicious Cycle


We’re poised at the halfway point of the “10-Week, 10-Pound Challenge” so let’s get ready to bring it home! Week 6 is for all of us who’ve ever been stuck in a pattern of overeating and not exercising, then feeling guilty because of our lack of “willpower” (seriously, we need to banish that word from [...]