The path to self-forgiveness

forgive yourself

The book on my nightstand right now is different from what I usually read; my tastes run towards weight loss books and fitness magazines for research, or current bestseller fiction like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which I hear is great, but have yet to start. But the book I just finished was life-changing for [...]

Is there a runner inside of you?


I can’t answer that question. If you haven’t tried since junior high gym class, you probably can’t answer it either. Or you may be inclined to answer no. I’ve had people even yell “No!” emphatically to me in response to that question. Okay, that’s fair. Running isn’t the be-all-end-all of exercise. In many ways, as [...]

Frequently asked quinoa … er, questions!


It’s that time again! KING 5’s Evening Magazine’s “Best of Western Washington” voting has started for 2014 and I’m nominated once again for “Best Local Personality on Twitter.” I won last year, so let’s see if I can pull it off again! Our Seahawks are looking for a Super Bowl #RePete and so am I! [...]