Fitness Hack: Ladders


“Counting reps is monotonous!” “Doing the same workout each day gets old!” “My workout seems to drag on forever!” I have heard all of these complaints and many, many more. If you find yourself saying any of these (or even thinking them), then here’s a fitness hack to make your workout more enjoyable and engaging. With [...]

Grab-n-go breakfast sandwich


Put down that nasty protein bar! I know you’re in a hurry. I know you’ve got hungry mouths to feed. Me too! In addition to the “make ahead” versatility of this grab-n-go breakfast sandwich, there are nearly infinite ways you can put it together. Top it with smoked salmon for a super healthy yet decadent [...]

In defense of introverts

Hello My Name is a Introvert.

I am an introvert, let me just say. It surprises people sometimes when I declare myself as such, I suppose because I can be outgoing and personable, and because I do public speaking and am a “public figure,” at least in the realm of healthy living. But truthfully I am most myself when I am [...]

The Caped Crusader cleans his room


My son Connor, now almost 15, was a superhero junkie in his younger days. When he was little, it was all about Batman, Spiderman and Superman. Of course, there was a certain macabre fascination with their arch villains as well. The Joker especially was a rival worthy of respect. Connor was so enamored with superheroes [...]